Physiological Function of Prostate Gland

A gland in the male reproductive system that is located just below the bladder. It surrounds part of the urethra, the canal that empties the bladder. The prostate gland helps to control urination, and it forms part of the content of semen. Also known as simply the prostate.
  1. Secret prostate fluid.
    Prostate is the largest subsidiary of the male prostate gland, is also one of human exocrine glands.It may secrete prostatic fluid, is an important component of semen, sperm normal function of an important effect on fertility is very important. When bacteria propagate in genital tract, some hazardous substance can be secreted to destroy sperm. Plus, bacterial reproduction requires a large amount of nutriments, that is to say, living environment of the sperm is greatly threatened. Furthermore, plentiful acidoid appear with reproduction of bacteria, which brings down pH value in the male reproductive tract. It usually turns out that sperm are died with acidosis. That is why bacterial prostate can lead to male infertility.

  2. Secret nourishment.
    Prostate contains rich 5α-reductase. 5α-reductase is a material that can transform testosterone into protona. Besides, protona plays an important role in development of Benign prostatic hyperplasia. But blocking 5α-reductase(reduce protona) is a way to produce prostate tissue atrophy.

  3. Micturition:
    Urethra is encompassed by prostate. As a matter of fact, prostate is very close to cervix vesicae and also they are connected as proximal urethra wall. Annular smooth muscle fibers revolve around the urethra part of prostate and take part in constituting uretha inner sphincter. When a man has a micturition desire, contraction of the detrusor and sphincter relaxation guarantee that urine can spill out smoothly.

  4. Transformation:
    Prostate parenchyma and two ejaculatory duct through the urinary tract, when the ejaculation, the prostate and seminal vesicles of the muscle contraction can be in the vas deferens and seminal vesicle contents into the urethra through the ejaculatory duct pressure, and then excreted.In summary, prostate, there are four important functions in the human body play an important role.Eat more beans, walnuts, tofu and aliments that are rich in vitamin C and E, zinc and beta-carotene. Doctors recommend men to consume three times a week a fish meal. Their omega-3 acids are good for increasing our immunity and prevent infections.



Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule

A herbal remedy for prostatitis and enlarged prostate gland

Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule can quickly clear heat, resolve toxin, eliminate inflammation, eliminate stasis, disperse swelling, disinhibit urine, free strangury. With these function in combination, such medicine can surpass many popular medicine for treating prostatitis..

Hardness-Dissipation Powder

Used together with Prostatitis Rehabilitation Capsule to treat patients with severe urinary frequency, very difficulty urinating, very burning or painful urination, blood in the urine, swollen prostate and painful ejaculation.


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